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Kamalakar Devaki | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

With a B.Com degree and an inherent passion for technology, Kamalakar Devaki seamlessly transitioned from a software architect to a dynamic entrepreneur, laying the foundation for SandLogic and Vyomastra.

In the crucible of entrepreneurship, Kamalakar extols the virtues of flexibility. His advocacy for adaptability is a rallying cry for fellow innovators, urging them to actively seek feedback, keenly observe market trends, and pivot when necessary.  Recognizing the pivotal role of a diverse team, he champions an environment where ideas are challenged, fostering informed decisions and sustained adaptability.

His inspiration is drawn from his personal experiences, a fervent desire for impactful change, and an unwavering belief in the transformative potential of AI and drone technology. The recognition garnered through awards and early customer validation served as the crucible for his determination, fortifying his vision to revolutionize industries on a global scale.

He places a spotlight on the significance of family support. He underscores the need for encouragement, understanding, and patience from the families of budding entrepreneurs. Beyond financial backing, he advocates for supporting individual interests, providing emotional sustenance, and instilling values of resilience and continuous learning.

He bravely and smartly navigates through the intricate challenges of technological adaptation, market competition, financial management, and team building. Each challenge is met with a strategic approach—embracing continuous learning, fostering innovation, prioritizing customer-centricity, and nurturing a growth-oriented team culture. SandLogic specializes in the field of artificial intelligence, specializing in Generative AI, Cognitive AI, and Edge AI. The mission is clear—to revolutionize industries. Simultaneously, Vyomastra takes flight in the aerial technology domain, crafting drones and anti-drone systems. Both entities are united by a commitment to innovation, quality, and the relentless pursuit of pushing technological boundaries.

The most poignant facet of Kamalakar's journey lies in the profound impact of innovation on society. The symbiosis of personal growth and meaningful connections forms the heart of his inspiration. Feedback from users experiencing positive impacts serves as a perpetual wellspring, reinforcing the motivation to innovate and excel.

He urges the youth to passionately align their pursuits with purpose, embrace continuous learning as a lifelong companion, and perceive failure not as an obstacle but as a steppingstone towards greatness. Real success, he emphasizes, transcends personal achievements, resonating in the positive impact made on others and the world at large.

Today, SandLogic Technologies Private Limited and Vyomastra, have not only pioneered advancements in artificial intelligence and drone technology but have also played a pivotal role in positioning India as a global hub for deep tech innovation. Kamalakar’s commitment to revolutionizing industries with cutting-edge solutions has not only garnered prestigious awards like the Aegis Grahambell Award and the National Startup Award but has also elevated SandLogic to the esteemed Forbes Select 200. 

The transformative applications of Generative AI, Cognitive AI, and Edge AI developed by SandLogic, coupled with Vyomastra's innovative approach to aerial technology, have contributed to shaping the trajectory of India's technological future. His relentless pursuit of excellence and societal impact underscores his profound influence on India's technological landscape, inspiring a new wave of entrepreneurs and positioning his ventures at the forefront of the nation's technological renaissance.

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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