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Kalyan Kumar and Gunjan Kanodia | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

As the concept of virtual work was so fresh, the families of both co-founders had a tough time understanding what their children meant to do. “The first dollar we made was both fascinating and relieving.” With recognition and award comes trust, in your business and yourself. As their followers grew and as they received payment for their work, the motivation to grow and work harder sparked rapidly. Gunjan and Kalyan educate people about finance and have a stock market course to help beginners with equity picking. Their industry constitutes of saving, making, investing and spending money in the wisest of ways so by telling people how to do so, they make the Indian citizen educated, aware and financially literate. For flourishing in a smooth manner, one shall find his talent, set a goal and work towards making the real deal happen. “Everyone has talent. What’s rare is the courage to follow it to the dark places to where it leads.”-Erica Jong.

Kalyan was a software engineer before entering the world of business. He had been offered a high-paying job in Montreal but for the love of teaching, he called the opportunity off. On coming back to India, he began looking for a confident face for his Instagram Page and came in contact with Gunjan. She was a dentist in search of a side hustle, and so agreed to hop on. Such were the times that they had 500 followers, and over the years they grew to a whopping 1 lakh+.

To make the journey worthwhile, they had to make mistakes preach-able. Something Kalyan doesn’t regret doing is not chasing money or fame but chasing the dream of working for passion. He urges others to do the same by picking a niche which arouses curiosity and excitement. By opening his mind to the need for change, the once under-confident Kalyan, began handling a social media account. This leads us to recognise the importance relevance holds in entrepreneurship because even if trends are out of your comfort zone, you are required to work in accordance with them. Networking, planning and experimenting are activities all entrepreneurs should make a habit of for they make one thrive.

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