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Julian Richards | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” An impetus quote by Winston Churchill has been finagled by a roseate, valiant, and aficionado entrepreneur, Mr. Julian Richards. Julian's dreams have been eventuated by him, as goes the saying, “Dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible.” Having a predilection for movies, Julian coveted having a shot at managing productions. Leaving a lucrative job at one of the top recruitment companies, Julian went on for theater, and this is when the saga pretzeled. Out of the blue, on a casual day, he fraternized with a man experienced in films and advertising.

After a few sessions, they acknowledged being a good fit for each other, which gave birth to a firm with only one service to offer, called production, for still and video shoots. After securing some decent clients, Julian recognized there was more leeway. Enlisting the help of additional partners to broaden the reach, he reconnected with a few other folks and discussed expanding their services to become a one-stop marketing solution platform. While retaining like-minded individuals with the same enthusiasm and ambition to create value for their firm, Julian and his partner went on with mere time and experience as resources. His company incurred a liquidity crisis because the payment was made after 30–60 days, and suppliers must have been paid either upfront or within 15 days. Instead of cherishing the doldrums, they devised a structure that kept vendors and clients pleased without jeopardizing their salaries.

One of the most difficult challenges they had was getting customers on board and persuading them that they had an alternative with them where they did not have to interact with several suppliers to accomplish a project at a desirable rate without sacrificing quality. After surpassing the educational slope by furnishing what customers require, the company concentrates on holding them for a protracted period. Providing a comprehensive suite to clientele from various industries, Julian's company offers services in a wide spectrum of areas, including BTL and ATL activities, events (both online and offline), photo and video shoots, corporate merchandising, gifting, and more. Plenty of their operations are performed domestically, although there are times when they require collaboration with seller allies, and in such instances, they rigorously screen them to ensure that their clients are satisfied. Holding pan-India connectivity, if the customer demands from anywhere within India, they can hand over the assignment and be confident that everything will be handled.

Julian quotes RICHDERS as a “complete package," for his significant others bring in facets that Julian lacks.

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