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Jessica Singh | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

In the world of PR and marketing, Jessica Singh, founder and CEO of Stanley Communications has emerged as an extraordinary entrepreneur, etching her legacy in the industry. At the tender age of 23, her journey as an entrepreneur began, giving life to Stanley Communications—an influential force in brand solutions for PR and marketing. Today, she stands as a beacon of inspiration, having solidified her position through a remarkable journey marked by unwavering passion, resilience, and a steadfast commitment to instigating positive change.

Jessica’s journey began with an ardent desire to construct something from the ground up and mold it in accordance with her vision.  Armed with degrees in communications and marketing, as well as management accolades from renowned institutes, she honed her skills in the international market during her tenure at a London-based PR firm. This invaluable experience armed her with the expertise and foresight necessary to engage with clients and lay the bedrock for her entrepreneurial venture.

Adaptability and evolution are the keystones of Jessica’s success story. Over the past 6 years, she has steered Stanley Communications to new heights, transforming it into a versatile organization excelling in media and public relations, start-up brand development, and cutting-edge communications. The agency's guiding principle, "You Grow, We Grow," underscores its commitment to not merely servicing clients but also cultivating relationships on a grander scale.

Central to Stanley Communications is a team of exceptionally talented women, fostering an environment steeped in determination, growth, and unwavering positivity. Jessica’s leadership has not only propelled the agency forward but has also positioned it as a guiding light for aspiring professionals. The agency aspires to empower the next generation, enabling them to thrive in the dynamic realm of communications by sharing knowledge and offering sagacious guidance.

In an epoch where sustainability and ethical practices are non-negotiable, Stanley Communications stands committed to integrating these values into their work, particularly within the fashion industry. From pioneering start-up brand development to navigating complex media relations, the agency intricately weaves sustainability into the narratives of their brand campaigns—emphasizing eco-friendly materials, responsible production, and championing fair-trade practices.

Acknowledging the burgeoning influence of influencer marketing, Stanley Communications places paramount importance on selecting the right influencers for their brand campaigns. Criteria such as relevance to the brand, audience engagement, and authenticity guide their choices. She ardently emphasizes the agency's dedication to inclusivity, aiming to challenge stereotypes and contribute to a fashion industry that is not only more representative but also empowering.

Stanley Communications envisions a future marked by two key aspirations. Firstly, the agency strives to expand its footprint across international markets, all the while infusing sustainability into collaborations with fashion brands. From spotlighting eco-friendly materials to championing responsible production, the agency amplifies sustainable initiatives through strategic communication. 

Peering into the future, she envisions the evolution of fashion, foreseeing a landscape shaped by sustainability, inclusivity, and digital innovation. A paradigm shift towards conscious and ethical practices, where technology—embracing augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence—will revolutionize the industry.

Jessica’s transformative impact extends far beyond the confines of Stanley Communications, resonating as a powerful force in shaping the landscape of PR and marketing in India. Through her unwavering dedication, innovative strategies, and commitment to ethical practices, she has redefined industry standards and set a precedent for excellence. 

Stanley Communications has become synonymous with success, influencing the trajectory of numerous businesses across the nation. Beyond the boardroom, she has played a pivotal role in empowering a new generation of professionals, fostering a culture of inclusivity, and championing sustainability in the vibrant tapestry of the Indian business world. 

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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