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Jai Sunam | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Jai Sunam, a young and ambitious chef, has come a long way from his humble beginnings. His passion for food started when he was a young boy, learning how to cook from his mother while his father was away at sea. This passion eventually led him to pursue a career in the culinary arts and become an entrepreneur in the food industry. After completing his hotel management degree from Mumbai University and gaining valuable experience at prestigious establishments such as the Westin Mumbai and Big Momma’s Cafe, Jai decided to expand his knowledge by pursuing a post-graduation in culinary arts at George Brown College in Toronto. There, he gained experience in Italian, Indian, and Mexican cuisine, honing his skills in savory dishes before moving on to pastry-making. Jai's passion for pastries led him to work at a top gelato parlor, inspiring him to become an entrepreneur in the food industry. He prioritizes building a strong team and networking with other food business owners. Jai's dedication to his craft and clear vision for the future of the industry make him a rising star in the culinary world.

Dip It Donuts offers hand-crafted gourmet-filled donuts with a focus on Indian flavors and attention to detail. Fresh ingredients and unique flavors have set them apart in the industry. Dip It Donuts utilizes marketing through physical events, Instagram, and WhatsApp to spread their vision of creating a sensory delight for customers. Their six standard flavors, including Chai-Biscuit and rabdi-jalebi, along with two seasonal flavors, highlight their focus on Indian flavors. Dip It Donuts started from scratch and evolved into a successful venture through perseverance, support, and continuous learning. They emphasize the importance of investing in better products, relations, and assets to grow a business. Dip It Donuts had to learn to run a cloud kitchen for participating in flea markets and stalls. They had to make tricky decisions regarding food quality and shelf life without refrigeration, and learn to cook, assemble, garnish, plate, package, interact with customers, and complete transactions all at once. As an accomplished Young Chef, Jai conveys his message: It’s very okay to start with nothing because you will be willing to learn everything.

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