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How Art changed the life of Sonal Karia, founder, Kamakshee Creation.


Sonal Karia: During my college days, I used to receive limited pocket money, it was during that time when I wanted to be an entrepreneur. To manage my finances during those days, I used to work in one of the acupressure centers.

But my venture kamakshee creation started unexpectedly. I had to undergo an operation on my left knee. At this point, a friend came to visit me and she taught me wooden rangoli and floating diya. Little did I know this was going to be the most important thing in my life.

After I successfully made a few samples, I started showing my creations to people around me and soon received 50 pieces of Haldi Kumkum dabbi order. Slowly I started both wholesale and retail and even reached out on social media. This gave me other opportunities as other ladies came forward and asked for reselling rights for my products.

But life isn’t all about the glittery moments. Challenges are an integral part of everything we do. With three failed marriages, and multiple surgeries, even at one point I almost had to shut down my venture. A messed up personal life affected my career too.

Even once a foreign client gave a bulk order but the circumstances went against me and I had to suffer heavy losses. But all-in-all I never gave.

And also We provide all types of gifting items that you can use as a gift in pooja and holy ceremonies as well as in weddings. We take both Corporate and Retail orders. My products are handmade. Even if the order is huge, I assemble every product and also take care of the packaging.

Besides being the founder of Kamakshee Creations I was felicitated by JBG Jain business Group and GROWING BUDDIES BUSINESS AWARD 2021 by Nidhi Pandya as well as the Grace ladies Global Award By Singapore and also the Nari Samman Award From Holistic Medicine Research Foundation.

You can connect with me on Instagram and Facebook page kamakshee creation. Even you can reach out publicly.

To all the struggling entrepreneurs, remember to have faith and love yourself. No matter how much you struggle, never give up. Lastly, I’d say- Smile for God loves you.


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