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Hemali Shah | The Entrepreneurs of India Influencer Magazine September 2022

Your hand and your mouth agreed many years ago that, as far as chocolate is concerned, there is no need to involve your brain. We owe it all to the people who put just as much passion into producing it as we put into devouring it. The chocolatier, Miss Hemali Shah, is a strong, bold, and self-assured person who adds saccharinity with an explosion of flavours to the tongue in people’s lives.

Hemali’s path to entrepreneurship was completely unforeseen. A love for what was once a pastime led to the beginnings of a successful business. The fact that she could create her own chocolate and enjoy it was the spark that set her imagination ablaze. Now, she produces a wide range of chocolate flavors.

Hemali comes from an upper-middle-class family. She didn't want to bother her parents and didn't ask for any more money when she first started, so money was tight. Therefore, it came from personal savings and the surplus cash generated by providing tuition. Her father made a one-time investment of Rs. 3,000/- in her when she first began working full-time.

When chocolate was first being made, it was a laborious process that needed a double boiler and many other components. So, she struggled with the wind just like any other leaf on the tree.

Due to budgetary constraints, the company had to produce chocolates by hand, package them in exquisite boxes and baskets, bring them to a photo studio to have pictures taken, and then, with the aid of friends, post the pictures to the website, which was hosted on a free server at the time.

In her business, she specialises in making and selling handcrafted chocolates that are sure to put a smile on anyone's face and make them feel good no matter what the occasion.

She has worked with customers all throughout India, from individuals to large corporations. As a company, they have obtained FSSAI certification.

Hemali does much of the research and new product development, and professional sensory evaluators evaluate their finished products. They provide a wide selection of chocolates for their customers to choose from, including dark, white, milk, sugar-free, and vegan options.

ChoklatHouse(her company) makes chocolates with the utmost care and cleanliness since they are manufactured from scratch when an order is placed. No shortcuts are ever taken, and safety is always a top priority.

Hemali thinks that in order to reach one's full potential, one must learn to adapt to the changing environment, adopt a business ethic compatible with the present day, and become proficient in digital technology. So we say, everything can be achieved with the right frame of mind.

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