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Gratifying Art! | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine Article of Amit Yogi

Back in 2011, Amit was facing the hardest time in his life. Because of the huge business loss, his father faced, their family was nearly hand to mouth. The journey of a middle-class boy to achieve the scale in Graphics Designing wasn’t too easy.

Amit had an interest in Computers since his 12th and decided to graduate in it. Failing to understand the basics, he struggled to cross the semesters. And on top of that, the financial situation got worse and he further struggled to complete his PG.

The crucial time and extreme pressure of the future put a lot of pressure on his head. Sooner he started to research graphic design after he heard it from his friends. “I started learning graphic designing on my own, watching hours and hours of YouTube tutorials about designing, and after some time I had a chance to show my design skills in my own college’s annual function”.

The result was unbelievable. His mentors loved his work. This inspired him to start his own graphic design freelance business. Soon after this, he received a call from a leading graphic designing agency in Ahmedabad.

So, in 2018, he packed his bags and went there. This was the turning point as he met Mihir Bhavsar, who had 7+ years of experience in the design industry. “We started working together and in the past few years, we had a chance to work with some huge companies across the globe”, says Amit.

“In a nutshell, remember to set the right goal for yourself and never settle until you achieve them”, says Amit. “Some obstacles will be there but find a way, be a warrior and face them!”. Failure is a big part of any success journey. As it will give the best lesson that no one else can.

In times of trouble, families are the biggest strength and backbone of success. With a positive mind and based on our dream we have shared with our family. “They always encourage us to keep doing good and being entrepreneurs.”

The major challenge in the Graphics Designs business is creativity that everyone has different from their own. He says, “No one can copy the creativity and at the same time, it’s tough sometimes, to deliver the best outcome.” Everyone needs to remember that success is not an overnight achievement.

He says, “Just don’t give up early and dare to live for your dream and achieve that.”


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