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Gauri Kasbekar | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine July 2023

Gauri Kasbekar, a Mumbai-based model and actor, has a background in sociology and completed her graduation with a B.A. in sociology. She pursued her passion for modelling and acting, and completed a six-month course with TV actor Mr. Arsh Jaikrishan. She believes that individuals should know their interests and work towards them to create a path towards success.

Gauri emphasizes the importance of standing up for oneself, realizing one's worth, and choosing an independent path. She advises women to follow their instincts and not give up on their dreams, but to walk with pride in their chosen field.

Throughout her career, Gauri has had a strong support system, including her family, who have been instrumental in her career choices. Initially, she faced challenges in finding the right sources and establishing a network on social media platforms like Instagram. Challenges include getting in touch with the right sources, navigating the industry, and gaining the courage to face challenges.

Gauri's journey in modeling and acting has been filled with challenges and opportunities. She believes that individuals should focus on their interests and work towards their goals, and that their family and friends have been instrumental in their success.

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