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Gaurav Mishra| Age is Just a Number. It carries no weight!

Gaurav Mishra: I hail from a Small Village In Bihar. I started my Startup With Rs 10,000 and in less than 18 months, we’ve earned over 40 lakhs.

There goes a very popular saying that “Age is just a number. It carries no weight. The real weight is in the impacts that you create.” Being a 23-year-old I have lived up to this saying. I’ve also been fortunate to have trained and provided employment opportunities to more than 200 people sitting at home.

I grew up in Madhubani, Bihar, and completed my master's at Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga.

In October 2020, when the whole nation was captured in the snare of the Covid-19 pandemic, I decided to lay the foundation of “Startup Instant”. I had already sensed the effect of the pandemic and made sure to provide employment opportunities to people by just sitting at home.

Initially, while starting a venture the first thing that I noticed was that there were no people to help me to begin my journey. I wanted someone who would show me the right direction, guide me, and help me as to what to do and what to avoid. The situation becomes extremely difficult for youngsters who possess only an idea but almost no experience. It is then that I realized the importance of a platform from which start-ups can get all kinds of help. Thus was born Start-up Instant.

I am on a mission to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone, StartUp Instant is a social network built for students, entrepreneurs, mentors, freelancers, and investors.

We are offering multiple growth opportunities for entrepreneurs, learners, mentors, and other professionals. With a mission to increase access to entrepreneurship in India and grow together in the startup ecosystem, StartUp Instant has helped several explorers, creators, professionals, and founders build strong and influential circles.

We have successfully established this platform for Young entrepreneurs who are thriving and eager to test their ideas, but they are having trouble finding the resources, advisors, and funding they need to move their concepts from paper to MVP.

We Strongly Believe that ‘Age is Just a Number. It carries no weight!’

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