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From traditional CA firm to pioneering content creator: Discover Deepak Bhati's journey with DigiWhistle. Read more to uncover his insights on team building, collaboration, and family support!

After two years in a traditional CA firm, he established his own CA firm, D&N Company. The unexpected downtime during the COVID-19 pandemic led him and his wife, Neha Nagar, to explore content creation. Neha's foray into finance content on social media sparked his interest, ultimately leading to the birth of DigiWhistle. Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, he acknowledges the mistake of not building a comprehensive team from the start. Attempting to manage all aspects of the business became unsustainable as demand increased.

The crucial lesson learned was the significance of surrounding oneself with the right team members. He emphasizes that building a supportive and skilled team is vital for the success of any startup.

DigiWhistle's growth taught him two vital truths about business: the importance of collaboration over competition and the necessity of caring for the team. Encouraging startups to work together, he likens it to a rising tide lifting all boats. Furthermore, he emphasizes that a team is not just a workforce but integral puzzle pieces contributing to the success of the business. Deepak candidly shares his initial struggles with gaining family support when transitioning from a stable job to entrepreneurship. He notes the traditional preference for secure jobs in many Indian families. However, as D&N Company thrived, so did his family's confidence. He suggests ways families can support aspiring entrepreneurs, including open communication, financial assistance, and networking opportunities.

Starting DigiWhistle presented resource challenges, requiring creative thinking and hard work. Despite initial obstacles, the team's determination and strategic efforts paid off, allowing the influencer marketing venture to grow steadily. One of DigiWhistle's significant challenges was establishing trust with big brands in a competitive market. To overcome this, the team focused on building a strong track record with smaller brands, networking extensively, showcasing results through data, and staying persistent. Gradually, they gained the trust of major brands, proving the value they brought to campaigns.

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