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From handling studies to being the CEO in 12th grade…

Arundhati Chaudhuri: I came across an environment magazine when I was in the sixth grade and decided to have an organization that would create environment magazines with information about several environmental news that is happening all around in today’s world. 

I wasn't sure about being an entrepreneur but was sure that I want to try this once in my life. 

Back in February this year, I came across one magazine and decided to give my childhood dream a proper shape. That was when I started getting a lot of things sorted out, which were necessary for the foundation of the organization, like getting a co-founder on board and a lot of other tasks. 

Since then, I have been quite sure that I want to do this for my life, and I also have some other ventures which I would love to try out. 

My entrepreneurial journey so far has been amazing and heartwarming as well. It feels great when my close ones appreciate my work. I am in 12th grade and being the CEO of an organization requires a lot of dedication and also time management, which I have mastered in all these months.

Even online, some people appreciate my work. The ones who read our magazines complement its quality and how well-structured it is, which makes me proud of the superb team I have built and I am very privileged to have gotten all these amazing co-workers.

Managing my studies with this organization has been the biggest challenge I have faced so far. I am preparing for entrance examinations, so I need to devote a lot of time to my studies, but I also have this organization that I have built from scratch.

So, both of them are equally important to me, but with the exam season approaching, I felt the need for skilled leaders on board, and now, two proficient leaders occupy the positions of President and Vice-president and take care of the organization with the same passion that I have. 

I strongly believe that 'There is no Planet B'. Each one of us has to work from our hearts for the environment to make this Earth back to what it was.


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