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Tena Mengi| Follow your passion. Live your dream. You have to think big to be big…

Since childhood, I always dreamed of becoming big and following my passion. I believe creating recognition and making a renowned name in the industry is very important.

I thought of pursuing my career as an entrepreneur during the covid pandemic. During this time, I got a chance and time to think over a business to start. From then on working on it, I came out to be one of the top five chocolatiers in Mumbai.

My entrepreneurial journey has been amazing. Each day is a learning experience for me and my team. We focus more on creativity and innovation. I love to experiment with our designs and products to make them unique. The best moments are when our customers give us feedback such as “ you made our occasion more special” are special ones. I have risen from the bottom to high in Entrepreneurship. It started with nothing to now a renowned name in Chembur. That is why my journey is amazing.

My achievements are the clients who love my products and are regular customers. Their trust and feedback mean a lot to our company.

The company’s name is – Flavors by TeSu. Our company works on making hampers out of exotic premium chocolates. We focus on preparing our boxes which is a unique idea in this industry. The presentation of hampers in a unique way makes it special. We provide hampers for every occasion curated with our homemade exotic chocolates. Through this, we have tried to give a new outlook to gifting. More than 85 products have been provided which are homemade. Specialty is that our homemade products are low on sugar and without any preservatives.

People can connect with our business through Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. You can also reach out to us at 8850224627.

One message which u would like to give other budding entrepreneurs is Live, Laugh, and Love. Life is short let’s make it worthwhile for us and others.

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