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First Anti Corruption Trap of 2022 by Deepak Tekchandani.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Deepak Tekchandani and High Court Justice Talwant Singh Sir

First Anti-corruption Traps of 2022 by Deepak Tekchandani in Maharashtra: how situations are changing.

In the last six months, ACB's 314 cases of corruption included 306 traps and six disproportionate assets cases. The total amount involved in the traps is Rs. 14.3 crore.

There are various cases of these kinds in recent times. One of the caes was of a Mumbai Police constable, Suresh Bamme, and his wife, who are accused of allegedly amassing assets worth Rs. 12.7 crore, which was over 1500% more than his known sources of income. Similarly, Nitin Patankar, from the BMC's P North ward office, has been booked for amassing Rs. 38.3 lakh, which was about 45% more than his known sources of income.

Two ACB traps were also found to be involved in comparatively huge amounts. ACB also seized 43 cheques valued at Rs. 2.3 crores from various banks. The cheques belonged to various farmers and were 'advance bribes'. The ACB last week booked BJP MLA Narendra Mehta and his wife for allegedly amassing assets worth Rs. 8.25 crore. Around the same time, the ACB also booked South Mumbai-based hotelier Jitendra, alias Jitu Navlani, for allegedly collecting Rs. 58 crores from businessmen by promising them protection from any action by the Enforcement Directorate (ED).

As the citizens have become more vigilant, the corrupt officials are becoming more alert and they take all precautions to evade being trapped. They engage middlemen to keep themselves safe. However, it is not that easy to escape from all this. This was conveyed by an ACB official.


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