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Financial insecurities helped chase passion...


Saima Wajid Ahmed: During the lockdown, I witnessed my partner's suffering and concern over the finances, and I resolved to assist him.

As early in my life as I can recall, I have always been career-focused. I had been employed by a company for a while, but when I got married, I had to move from Mumbai to Kolkata, and therefore I had to quit my job as an office administrator. I desired to assist my husband, but I was also a mother to a young child. As a result of this, I was unable to find a full-time job in an office; thus, I made the decision to work from home, and this marks the beginning of my road toward becoming an entrepreneur.

I have grounds to believe that everything was planned out beforehand and that this was God's way of letting me know that I have the ability to become an entrepreneur and operate my own company.

Despite the fact that I did not have the slightest clue as to how I was going to pull it off, I had a determination inside of me, and that drive brought me to the place where I am right now. My first year and a half in the online business world were fraught with difficulties, as I was a newbie with no prior experience in the industry and had to learn everything from scratch. However, I persevered through the hardships because the pursuit of financial security was a necessity. I had to endure a lot of setbacks and sorrows, but I stuck with what started out as a need and evolved into a passion, and today, by Divine providence, I'm doing remarkably well in the industry. At such an early point in my company, I have been honored and incredibly lucky to win an award for my work being considered a front runner by about 95% of my customers.

I would want to assist other ladies who are much like me looking for direction to nurture their

families. I believe nothing is impossible if you have the required determination and good intentions.

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