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Enrich Learner | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

The speed of E-Learning platforms is manifold. This is where two young minds saw the opportunity to create a unique EdTech platform. EnrichLearner to impart new-age skills to the youth of our country from their respective homes. If there was a new culture of work from home, Why not learn from home”, says Sk Fardin, the founder & CEO of EnrichLearner.

Their focus was on providing top-quality knowledge and skills via online courses and live training sessions designed to suit the sensibilities of the Youth of the Bharat.

Jishu Dutta, Co-founder & CTO also says, “The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.” He is a phenomenal public speaker and an extremely unconventional mind who does not think of what society says but rather focuses on what society needs. He joined the training industry and began coaching for Website development and Graphic designing with a simple mission to impact lives.

Gulshan Kumar Singh (M.D) - with decade-long experience in Real-estate, crypto & affiliate marketing as a trainer, speaker, and leadership consultant, he has mentored many start-up owners and young entrepreneurs and encouraged them to think beyond their limits. He is also an angel investor. He says, “ENRICH LEARNER is close to my heart.” This made him put extra effort to bring this idea up in the market and bring them to the best audience possible.

Mistakes make one understand how business works. They are very necessary, and after brutally failing in their first start-up they learned a lot about business from management to hiring and everything else. “After developing and working on ourselves we started again”, says Jishu.

From the greatest entrepreneurs to the greatest business owners, it is rightly said that your network defines a lot about you. “You are average of 5 people you spend most of the time with and you should be in a group where people are more-smarter than you”, says Jishu.

They were fortunate to receive support in their venture. “Everything is digital so there is no need for high-tech support. Just being with the kid staying with them at there, basic early stages is required.”

In the beginning, the resources were not enough. “We had to figure out a lot of things and we had learned many things from our mistakes too. We were strong enough to figure out everything, we also hired a team across India.”

To win in any field, it is very essential to know the inside out of that field. “Knowing the Targeted customer and being different from the market is our motto.”

To be successful, you have got to hang out with the people more successful than you. “ You are the average of five people you spend most of the time being with people who are smarter than you will help you to win”, says Fardin. He suggests that entrepreneurs should always be positive in their attitude and work relentlessly until the goal is achieved.


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