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Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world...

Saranya Sundar: Having a motto in my mind of providing equal opportunity for education to all, I decided to use my communication skills for the betterment of the children who could not afford education. It all started at the early age of 18 when I thought to build a transformation in the field of education which could be accessible to all.

It is usually observed, that ed players are focusing on the top 9% population who have more resources and can afford them. I want to help the ones who could not pay for pricing courses. With the help of advanced technology and Educationists, it resulted. I believe education is the only path through which each and every person is treated equally irrespective of their different backgrounds.

Our academy is trying to focus on girls coming from rural backgrounds who could not afford technical skills and learning. You educate a woman, you educate a future generation.

With the help of AI methods and a multi-lingual online platform, we want to make it accessible to the masses. We work on emotional intelligence as well so that our future generation could be able to handle emotions to become humane. My clients also find my approach unique toward education.

Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I faced ups and downs both emotionally and financially. Initially, I faced challenges related to my age as people expected to teach hard skills. But I believed in my skills and dedication and our academy which made me cross all the hurdles.

But my father is a constant motivator, taught me to be patient and smile in times of stress to keep me moving. He always motivated me to never turn back and work a step ahead toward my goal.

The mantra of my academy is ‘Be You’ to keep the game on and on.

My guidance to future entrepreneurs is to be persistent and follow their hearts which could lead to achieving their goals.

“Never stop doing things which you believe even if the whole world doesn’t believe”.


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