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Dr. Vivek Bindra | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine July 2023

Cottage industries and small businesses play a crucial role in contributing to economic growth and creating employment. Dr. Vivek noticed a significant gap in the support available to such firms and felt the need to focus his expertise on helping them thrive. To assist big companies was common and well-known but guiding small-scale enterprises specifically was an initiative seldom heard of. Providing them with accurate and adequate inputs (tools, strategies, resources) and seeing merry outputs grow (their success and positive change is what keeps Dr. Bindra motivated and driven.

A fitting example of how he made literal use of the saying ‘brilliant leaders lead by example’ would be of the time when his employees were compelled to use the public washroom due to the absence of a dedicated restroom space. Dr. Vivek took it upon himself to get the washroom cleaned and avoid future inconvinience or discomfort. This is just one challenge from the many, which may be of greater magnitude that this one, where through resourcefulness, perseverance, and planning he proved to be the deserving CEO that he is.

‘Bada Business’, Dr. Bindra’s ‘humble’ organization, has an enormous online following and huge user engagement. In the words of the CEO himself, in order to reach such a wide audience, one’s primary goal has to be creating unique, in-demand, and valuable content. Once you have a vision behind influencing people ready, all other development techniques come next. Collaborating with other creators, hosting events, gathering feedback and encouraging discussion can help nurture a vibrant community that helps make a difference, bring a change.

Entrepreneurship is one profession where one’s learning is another’s teaching. Entrepreneurs can empower, transform and foster others by sharing experiences, lessons and mistakes from their own time. Dr. Vivek also believes that once you’ve become successful, you can be instrumental in others’ success by offering mentorship and providing access to resources and networks. After all, what an Indian does for another, always results in the benefit of the country’s progress and improvement.

Speaking of growth, in order to do just that, one is required to adapt and innovate. This fast-pacing, technology-driven world will always get the better of you if you fail to change and create. “Technologies have the potential to revolutionize business operations. Entrepreneurs need to harness these advancements by staying abreast of the latest developments.” Thus, at some point you’ll be forced out of your comfort zone out into the harsh, real world, and when you are out there, you’ll have to take risks. “To foster a culture of innovation, organizations should start with leadership support and encourage risk-taking.” Faults, are never setbacks and the sooner one embraces this learning mindset, the better.

Success always comes back a full circle and starts where it stops: mindset. You have to tell your mind to set the smallest of goals, develop a routine, turn in the due assignment etc. in order for it to understand that it has to do what you tell it to. The mind is a great servant, but a terrible master. Cultivate emotional intelligence and define clear targets. The mind is wonderful at wandering off to insignificant places but to keep it concentrated on what’s of utmost importance is the real obstacle. Therefore, one must conquer their conscience and always try to go for the right path, even when it seems to be full of thorns. For you never know, one day you own a small channel with a little following, and another, you are changing millions of lives.

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