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Dr. Twinkle Jain on shaping the Dental Industry.

Dr. Twinkle Jain: As a child, I always wanted to become a doctor, which was my parents' dream. From my school days, I studied and worked hard towards pursuing my dream.  

After I became a dentist, the most formidable challenge was finding the right place for a dental setup. After an extensive survey, we settled here at Malad in 2005. Setting up a dental center is expensive as dental equipments are always on the higher side. I always wanted a state of center but organising such in a rented place was tough, but that didn't stop me. I made my business better with lots of latest gadgets and equipments. And after 14yrs in a rented home, I finally purchased my own 550 sq.ft place in the same building. 

My biggest challenge was managing the Clinic and Family simultaneously. Being a nuclear family and mother to 3 kids, I struggled juggling personal and professional life. My passion for dentistry and family support made me overcome this hurdle quite smoothly. 

Some of my achievements include being on the Youngest Board of Directors of the Indian Academy of Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry (IAACD), the largest Dental Cosmetic body in India, has been part of the Managing Committee of Malad Medical Association for the past 7years and holds various coveted posts. Besides, I'm proud to have an MSc in Laser Dentistry from Vienna University. I have received Fellowship in Cosmetic Dentistry (FCD), Masters in Implantology, and won various Awards at National Forums. 

Our institute, Sparkle Dental Centre, is equipped with the state of art equipments in the entire suburb, like Intraoral Scanner(IOS), OPG, PSP, Electric motor, Water Distilliser, B-Class Autoclave, etc. We have treated many celebrities like Stand-up Comedian Amit Tandon, Malini Kapoor, and many more. Along with being a Smile Designer, I'm also an Implantologist. We also specialize in delivering implant prostheses in 3days! 

We have a very excellent team of Specialists for various other treatment modalities like Single Sitting Root Canal, Pediatric Dentistry, Metal-free Crown, Laser Surgery, Whitening, and so on. We pay special attention to every patient. You can connect with us at 9820167063.


Throughout this journey, I have understood that success comes with a cost. But no matter what, pursue your dream, which will soon be a reality.


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