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Dr. Periasamy Pradeep Ravichandran | 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023

Dr. Periasamy Pradeep Ravichandran, an extraordinary luminary and the mastermind behind the inception of BiggDa Aero Analytics, embarked on an entrepreneurial odyssey over a span of more than a decade and three years. 

His indomitable commitment to instilling an entrepreneurial mindset, a conviction deeply rooted in the tapestry of his childhood beliefs, propelled him to pursue and ultimately attain a Doctorate in drone technology from the esteemed Swiss School of Business Management. Undaunted by the initial skepticism emanating from a familial background entrenched in government employment, Dr. Ravichandran tenaciously pursued his entrepreneurial dream. Milestone after milestone, he transformed familial skepticism into triumphant victories, with his inaugural customer marking a watershed moment, a resounding validation of his steadfast belief in addressing the intricate tapestry of customer needs.

Armed with the erudition garnered through a Master's in aerospace engineering from Queen Mary University of London, coupled with the foundational bedrock of a Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from KLN College of Engineer, Dr. Ravichandran further fortified his intellectual arsenal. The academic zenith was adorned by the pearls of wisdom gleaned from Entrepreneurship and Business Analytics programs at the illustrious IIM Calcutta and IIM Indore, respectively, adding nuanced perspectives to his entrepreneurial repertoire.

His entrepreneurial voyage, akin to a grand narrative, seamlessly wove through diverse sectors—from the realms of Edutech to the corridors of food tech—before finding its poignant focal point in the avant-garde domain of drone technology. Throughout this transformative trajectory, Dr. Ravichandran placed a premium on the delicate artistry of building ecosystems, engaging in meticulous research endeavors, and astutely discerning the ever-evolving nuances of the market landscape. His success is measured by the profound and palpable impact his innovative products have etched upon the societal fabric. Confronting the formidable challenges inherent in both entrepreneurship and drone technology research, he candidly shares the crucible of losing capital in the crucible of innovation, followed by the Herculean task of translating those innovations into profitable ventures. Yet, it is his unyielding resilience and methodical strategic approach that earned him a constellation of accolades, including the prestigious title of Innovator of the Year 2023 in drones and commendation from the International Excellence Awards for Business with Innovative Concept.

Today, visionary gaze is affixed on the intricate landscape of manufacturing innovative drones, each crafted with a deliberate societal impact. Notably, he stands as the vanguard of groundbreaking initiatives, having pioneered a revolutionary drone meticulously designed to champion women's safety, alongside another ingeniously devised to fortify the well-being of children—a beacon of assurance for parents navigating the concerns of their progeny.

His dedication, a fervent flame burning beyond the realm of financial achievements, has manifested in products that, beyond mere market success, have left an indelible and positive impact on the very communities they serve.

In this rare amalgamation of technological innovation and an empathetic understanding of societal needs, Dr. Ravichandran stands not only as a beacon of inspiration but as a veritable agent of positive change. His commitment to social responsibility is not a mere byproduct but an integral aspect of his transformative technologies and problem-solving prowess—a leadership paradigm that extends beyond the boardroom, resonating with an ethos of leaving an enduring imprint on the world.

Inspired by a fervent ethos of identifying societal maladies and forging collaborative alliances with technical luminaries, Dr. Ravichandran's message to the youth of India resonates as both a clarion call to action and a meticulous blueprint for a generation poised to become architects of positive change. His words, "There are many problems around you in our society; take at least one problem and solve it," encapsulate not just an exhortation but a profound directive—a clarion call for collective responsibility and collaborative innovation, echoing the very spirit that defines his remarkable, wordy, and yet profoundly impactful journey.

This Story is brought to you from the book: 100 Inspiring Entrepreneurs of India 2023.

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