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Dr. Mona Lisa Bal | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Dr. Mona Lisa Bal wished to exit her comfort zone when her journey took a turn in 2010. She was then appointed the Chairperson of Kiit International School.

Dr. Mona is a believer in putting the best foot forward and being different. “The entrepreneurial world will swallow you whole if you lose your individuality.”

She advises parents to be mindful of the words they choose for children are ‘sensitive creatures.’ A parent should want the child to feel secure. Untapped potential describes what it is like to have an umbrella but not use it while raining. Similarly, Bal thinks of herself as the most important resource she had because it was this skill that forbade her from getting wet.

Women of this era have proven the orthodox lot wrong. They can do it all without a hassle. Dr. Mona says that society needs to stop assuming that women sacrifice something to succeed. She is currently working on the Special Educational Needs project. She believes that vision without action is daydreaming, an action without vision is just a waste of time but together they are phenomenal.

She does not equate her work to business because it feels spiritually right. Her venture is a sacred space for imparting knowledge. Bal wants to see women support other women. All stars shine equally bright but a polluted sky blurs sight. We need to see through this pollution and

contemplate the true power of the female gender


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