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No one can forget the historic farmers' movement of 2020-21 that forced the Indian government to withdraw its decision of implementing "Farmers' Bill 2020". This bill was of dictatorial nature and against the welfare of our farmers, which was opposed not only by the farmers but also by many sections of people all over the country. The one person who had a special contribution in opposing this and supporting the backbone of the nation – farmers, was, Dr. JOGINDER SINGH BEDI, the CEO of LEADMAGNET (LeadMagnet). He is the man behind empowering the well-known "KISAN EKTA MORCHA" Of Punjab which was seen at the front foot of this protest.


"I am a doctor of Digital marketing. I can't improve your health by giving you pills but I can certainly improve the health of your company through my strategy and planning", laughingly says Dr. Joginder Singh Bedi the CEO & DIRECTOR of LEADMAGNET, a recognized Digital marketing company. He is well known for his multiple excellent works which have changed the fate of many companies and personalities. Through his brilliant marketing strategies and tactics, he has established an empire in the field of Digital marketing.

LEADMAGNET is an Indian digital Firm specialising in designing, developing, and marketing products digitally for start-ups and Corporate businesses.

Various services offered by LeadMagnet are as follows :





What makes "LeadMagnet" Different??

•Expert Team

• On time delivery

•Cost effective and 24X7 support

•In depth understanding of clients' requirements.

•Hassle free amendments.

Let's go ahead and look into the life of its founder a little deeper.


Born and brought up in Delhi, Mr. Bedi is now residing in Ludhiana, Punjab since 2006. He did most of his schooling at GURU HARKISHAN SINGH PUBLIC SCHOOL and then he did his Doctorate from CHRISTIAN CENTRAL UNIVERSITY, MALAWI. He is the first Indian to achieve a Doctorate Degree in Digital Marketing. He mentioned that throughout his journey in Digital marketing, his family and his hard-working team fully supported him. He gave full credit for his success to his loving family and very supportive team.

Beginning of the Journey

“The journey started from theoretical knowledge and gradually I started to get practical knowledge of promoting businesses online. Initially, around 2002, my only aim was to help the clients reach out to a larger audience but as soon as they started to like my work which proved to be beneficial for them, they showed trust in me. I picked up the opportunity and my journey kicked off. When my wings spread a little more, I left my full-time job in 2012 and started doing this with complete dedication” revealed Dr. Bedi.

He had no digital background. He learned everything from scratch and only his strong passion for this platform has powered him to help hundreds of well-known brands and people.

His journey started in 2002 and in 2012, he left his high-paying job to dedicate himself completely to digital marketing. Since then he has never looked back. He's been constantly crossing all barriers and creating new records with each passing day since then.


The list of his achievements is a bit longer but concluding everything one can clearly say that this man is the master of his field and a great human by heart.

•He is one of the two Punjabis to ever get an opportunity to attend the NAS Summit, Dubai which is a gathering of the most interesting people in the field of social media.

• His Company, LEADMAGNET, is the first ever Indian Organization to receive Best Companies Award & Outstanding Leadership Award at Marketing 2.0, held in Dubai, a globally recognized event.

•He has been a part of AW Affiliate Marketing Global, which was held at Dubai and shared stage with very renowned marketers of this field.

•He is the first Indian ever to achieve a Doctorate Degree in Digital Marketing.

•He successfully supported the Farmer's protest by providing them a digital platform where their voices reached a larger population of the Nation.


He is a great philanthropist. He is using his profession to do the work of humanity as well. He supports an NGO named 'Manukhta Di Sewa Society' by handling its digital platform. This society is involved in various endeavors such as:

•Extending help to the needy,

•Providing education kits for the school-going children

•Conducting health check-up camps for the I'll and needy.

“The contemporary world is full of disparities which makes it more important for capable to stand up for weak and needy and give something back to society,” says Dr. Bedi.


As per Dr. Bedi, the Indian Education system is still lagging behind the western system. Indian education curriculum doesn't have any particular inclusion of such courses which help the children to understand Digital Marketing and its scope. He showed his concern over the fact that everyone who is involved in this field today, is either a newbie or doesn't have the proper knowledge of this field. They are misguided and there are not many people to help them even if they want to get some help at any point .

He said that if the Government of India puts education on digital marketing in the syllabus of children at some point in the future, then he will be very happy with this initiative. He showed his eagerness to work with the same and pointed out that with his glorious experience of almost 15 years, he can certainly contribute a lot.

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