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Divyanshu Pateria | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Being an entrepreneur is not planned every time. Here Divyanshu Pateria, the man who had no business plan in his youth is now running the ed-tech platform TDPVista. A platform to incorporate practical learning, professional skills, and corporate culture informal education at a pocket-friendly price to bring the modern world Industrial revolution.

“When I started approaching entrepreneurship, I was drawn to the educational space. The reason is that in 15 years of formal education, no practical or real-world skills required in the corporate world are even introduced or taught.”

Divyanshu has always been skilled at bringing people together and working toward common goals. “I also had a sense of unwavering commitment and the belief that I can succeed and transform formal education in India."

He believes that one shouldn’t compare oneself to others. He prefers to sequence his work and prioritize it according to requirements. “Distribute your work between your team rather than attempting to complete it all by yourself”, says Divyanshu.

One does not require a unique idea to start a business. What is required is the effective execution of ideas to build a business. “When you establish a business, especially in the education industry, you will find that none of your contacts, whether friends, family, or people you know, want to connect with you on business terms and will want to avail yourself all the benefits and services for free. Avoid this trap”, says Divyanshu.

He has been fortunate that his family acts as an understanding support system for him and, they have always understood his work priority. He says, “They give me my space to bloom and explore by not interfering in my business”.

He thinks that parents should be supportive of their child’s decisions and trust their ideas. “Parents should not spoon-feed their children but should let the child explore and create his path.”

Since his venture was a bootstrap start-up that fuels determination, no resources like an expensive team or office were required. “The only thing required a clear ideology, passion, and progressive mindset.”

“Before starting the company, I faced many personal failures.” He has a very inquisitive nature and likes to try a lot of things. “I have failed multiple times while trying to make machines, musical instruments, and even a smart bike. Surely the outcomes were not desirable but I learned that one must keep trying.”

There were a lot of situations when he felt like giving up, especially when there was huge chaos and things weren’t falling together. “Every single time I choose to continue because I strongly believe in what I do and I know this business will pivot.” On dark days, he reflected on why he started in the first place and continued.”

For entrepreneurs out there, he says that "Things may or may not fall on your side, but every time every situation gives you some acceleration whatever the direction is, it is always your responsibility to redirect it in the right direction and make the best utilization of it.”


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