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Divyanshu Jain | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Divyanshu Jain, a 20-year-old finance content creator with over 50 million views on Instagram, and founder of Upskill School, educates and inspires his followers to become financially independent. He saw a need for informative and engaging content on finance and investment fundamentals after noticing his friends and family seeking advice. His reels and captions provide valuable information on money management and psychology. Despite finding it challenging to simplify finance jargon, Divyanshu's passion for spreading financial literacy motivated him to expand his knowledge through online articles, news, and books. He now has a 250,000+ strong community of Instagram followers and provides 100% original content.

His commitment to delivering value and prioritizing financial wisdom sets him apart from other creators. Divyanshu faced challenges when he lost almost Rs. 50,000 while trading in the stock market. Despite feeling demotivated and battling depression and self-doubt, he persevered. He worked as a freelancer and did part-time sales jobs while pursuing his graduation, investing in fundamental courses and quality content to improve his skills.

Divyanshu's achievements are not limited to his Instagram page. He has crossed the benchmark of 90 lakh+ views on a reel related to Investing in BoAT Company, which went viral and was shared by the co-founder and Shark Tank Judge Aman Gupta with almost 3 lakh+ likes. He has also built a community of learners on his Instagram page and is followed by industry experts like Neha Nagar Ma'am having 900k+ followers. Divyanshu encourages young people to invest in themselves through field-related courses and daily upskilling before investing in stocks or crypto. He believes in continuously learning and sharing knowledge. His 7-year plan is to help more people in their financial journey by delivering financial literacy and busting investment-related myths. His success mantra is to envision a dream, make it a goal, convert it into stages, and turn it into a reality through actions. Divyanshu's story is an inspiration to young people everywhere. His passion for financial literacy and commitment to providing value to his viewers is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work, dedication, and a willingness to learn.

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