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Disha Sheth, ANS Financial Services, Your one-Stop Financial Solution

Disha Sheth: I have grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, and likewise, business ethics and management skills were engraved in my genes. There is a misconception that the next generation in business is expected to fall in the shoes of their forerunners. This pressure isn’t from the family but usually from the next generation of people themselves.

They say that if you enter your family business you are born with a silver spoon but I beg to differ, joining a traditional Family Business is much more challenging than starting your own. The founders of the company are our guiding pillars. We as heirs carry a strong responsibility to maintain the name, and dignity that our ascendants have earned.

We don’t just carry the responsibility of running the business successfully but we also have to take care of the complex relations that are the pillars of a family-run enterprise.

Our business has been run the traditional way for years now, and the amalgamation of those traditional skills and the modern methods has been the most challenging task for me. Another major challenge that I faced is in HR Management when you have to choose family members over more able employees and decide whether to pay them at the market or family rate as.

Some of my milestones include successfully re-organizing the Mutual Fund Department of our business to make it work better, and also identifying a major glitch in the HR management system I am solving it. I have also volunteered to start with Digital marketing for our traditional brokerage firm.

Ajay Natwarlal group has been the pioneer in providing financial services for the past 30 years. We believe that growing our client's hard-earned money is your responsibility since they have invested their trust in us. You can connect with us at +91 9619920111 or on social media.

I always believe hustle hard and staying humble. No matter what you are in, treat every day as a special one, and give it your best, it will multiply someday and come back to you.


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