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Dhrumil Chauhan | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

Dhrumil Chauhan was a brilliant student in his academic career. He decided to study further on the future-oriented path and chose the IT sector. It became a turning point in his career.

“When I was starting my own company, I was new to this, so I started learning.” He had made some mistakes so he tried to figure out how to cover those mistakes and make himself better.

He thinks of business as a passion. “During the first year you expect least or no profit but you focus on your goal and keep doing it.”

His family supported him partially and his father asked him to do a government job.

“My father's condition is not that good, so I told him to give me a chance if these things do not work out within 1 year or so I will take up the job.”

After that, he did not take a single penny from his father but built everything out by himself.

He says, “Nowadays parents should support their children who want to become an entrepreneur.”

The major challenge he faced is with the employees. “Like sometimes, employees are leaving and sometimes they ask for a hike like very badly.”

He believes that in doing business, you do what your brain says, not your heart because you do business by utilizing your brain and not your heart.

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