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Devanshu Monga, Mastermind of the Badnam Adda.

Devanshu Monga: "As a child, I have been fond of confronting challenges and initiating innovative actions to solve problems. Little did I know that what I was doing was AKA Entrepreneurship.

At the start of my journey at my Alma Mater, I had insufficient exposure. Hoping to get something better, I started participating in co-curricular activities. I made my first appearance in Entrepreneurship Submit by the college E-Cell. My first start-up Hoomie Home aimed at solving college students’ food problems. To serve them, From extensive research to developing PR with the restaurant owners, pitching my idea to all the probable prospects, meeting with Venture Capitalists, I tried all the Jugaads. I founded several start-ups, not all were successful, but those setbacks summed up to be my intangible asset.

The journey of The Badnaam Adda (TBA) began in April 2021. Embracing that different cuisine has a different story, we brought together the best-in-class chefs from Gadwal, Kumau, Dholpur, Srinagar, New Tehri, Agra. The ambiance of TBA has been put in a way to spread positive vibes among all ages. From young taste-motivated youngsters to old health-conscious people, our food is enjoyed by everyone.

The journey was not a cakewalk, not being a native I received resistance from the locals; while some made hoax delivery calls, others threatened me also there were alignment issues with the staff.

The list of my tangible achievements includes holding 1st position in Ingenious Pitch-2018, 1st position in Ideathon, 2nd position at Abdul Kalam Technical University in UP for “Hoomie Home”, 3rd position in Abdul Kalam Start-up Parikrama 2019 in Lucknow for “Right Book", awarded for the contribution and development of an innovative product “GROVENCO” for combating COVID-19 by Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow, UP, and got published again in a local newspaper in Noida.

You can connect with us on Instagram- The ‘Badnaam Adda’ ( and can also search us on maps -

Believe in yourself and create an impact no matter what your circumstances are.”

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