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Debashish Majumder | The Entrepreneurs of India Selfmade Magazine November 2022

Debashish Majumder, A banker turned Entrepreneur, started his journey of entrepreneurship in 2018 with a small outlet of around 110 square feet in the GS area of Guwahati. He named it Taipo Foods Private Limited and the brand name Momomia - Love in every bite.

Today, it has expanded to 80+ outlets in PAN India, making it the largest restaurant chain in the North East. He started this business to create more and more jobs to encourage the younger generation. "If you challenge yourself to do something and believe in your abilities, you can start your own business," says Debashish.

In his initial days, people around him criticized him and he also suffered financial stress. But he never gave up on his dream to be an entrepreneur.

He belongs to a conservative Bengali family, where doing business is not so encouraging. They prefer the corporate and government sectors. Due to this, it was very tough for them to understand his dream of becoming an entrepreneur, that too after leaving the job after 6 months of marriage where everyone tries to settle down.

He started on his own and worked alone. Till then, he realized it was tough to work alone, then he hired HR and set up a team, Audit and operations team, vendor management team, and digital team.

He always looked up to his father, who almost 40-45 years back started a library for poor and needy students. Even the Library at that time was not furnished but now it's a Big building. I wanted him to be remembered for his work after his existence. And it influenced him to start his entrepreneurial journey. "I believe that if my work influences people to achieve their goals, then it is all worth it."

Message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is “Always chase your dreams, if you have courage, you can do it. Buckle your shoes and start running”.


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