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Dazzling Solitaires | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine Article of Semoni Shah

Semoni Niken Shah, the owner of AARU JEWELS, makes customized and budget-oriented designer jewellery. She came from a family where the concept of working was something quite a big issue. As a child, Semoni always studied the field in which she can continue working on her terms. “I chose jewellery so that I can work from home, even after my marriage."

She truly believes that knowledge is great but sharing it with people being compassionate is something that is altogether a different thing. “You should deal with people sensibly when it comes to your place of working”, says she. She is always of the opinion that always keeps yourself first.

Semoni was fortunate as her family supported her work and gave her enough space to explore her talents. “Families should be aware of what their children are doing and give them good guidance instead of interfering”, says she.

Semoni managed to gather everything necessary for her business. She says, “All sources were searched, analyzed, and prepared. It was then that the first step towards starting this business occurred.” Her thoughtful approach paved the way for great possibilities for her business.

Obstacles are your friends on the way to success. Initially, she faced a lot of competition. “Even I was backstabbed several times. but slow and steady always wins the race is my motto.” She tries to remain consistent, no matter what and this is her key to success.

She deals in jewellery with various materials like real gemstones, real crystals and so on. “The creativity we can put into our work keeps us growing in all stages of life”, says she.

She strongly believes that if someone is passionate about their work and gives their best to it, they will succeed, no matter what. “In this world of competition, your determination can always

keep you on the path of winning”, says Semoni.


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