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Chavi Jain | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Chavi's story is a testament to the fact that passion, dedication, and consistency can pave the way to success, even in unexpected career paths. Born and raised in a Marwari brown family, Chavi was always encouraged to pursue her talents and never let go of any opportunities that came her way. Her love for dance took her to numerous competitions, including some sponsored by Dance India Dance (DID). Chavi's influencer journey began when she participated in an online dance class during the lockdown, taught by Sonali Bhadauria.

Her video was reposted on Bhadauria's page, leading to a surge in engagement. Chavi's unique choreography and consistent interaction with followers helped her grow her following and establish herself as a reputable influencer. Chavi highlights the significance of marketing products that align with the influencer's personality. Her family has been her primary support, and she utilized what she had to create content. Chavi's journey exemplifies the power of passion and dedication. Chavi struggled with handling trolls and hate messages due to the lack of guidance, but she learned to respond effectively over time. Instagram glitches also caused anxiety, but her friends' moral support helped her overcome it. Chavi's strategy was to remind herself that people would forget after 15 minutes and encouraged her to face her fear of shooting outdoors.

Chavi's unique business model connects small business owners to her audience, acting as a portal for brands to reach potential customers. She enjoys working with small businesses and encourages budding influencers to post everything in their drafts to find what works for them. Chavi's approach has paid off, making her a reputable influencer in the digital space. Chavi struggled with handling trolls and Instagram glitches, but learned to respond effectively to negativity. Her friends' support helped her boost confidence by reminding her that negativity fades quickly. This strategy worked 99% of the time and helped her overcome fear of shooting outdoors. Chavi's unique business model connects small businesses with her audience, while also working with big brands.

Her advice to aspiring influencers is to post everything in their drafts, analyze views, and find a niche. Consistency, interactivity, and relatable content have helped her gain a significant following. Chavi Jain's journey as an influencer and entrepreneur proves the power of persistence and determination. She carved out a unique niche connecting small businesses to her audience, inspiring other aspiring influencers and entrepreneurs. Chavi's advice on navigating the digital space is invaluable: keep pushing, creating, and connecting.

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