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Bhishak Masand | Breaking the social norms and disrupting business

As an entrepreneur, I have encountered numerous challenges and faced societal pressures that made me question my educational qualifications. In a world that emphasizes the importance of academic achievements, I found myself doubting my ability to build a successful company. However, I refused to let these doubts define me or hinder my dreams. It took immense courage to break free from the expectations placed upon me by my the society.


What inspired me to become an entrepreneur was deeply ingrained in my Sindhi heritage. Coming from a lineage of natural-born entrepreneurs, the spirit to forge my own path ran through my veins. I was determined to prove the naysayers wrong, including my teachers. Starting at a young age, I delved into the world of social media influencers, working on their shoots and eventually establishing my own production agency.


After taking the leap into entrepreneurship, I knew that success wouldn't come easily. I embraced hard work, persistence, and a desire to expand my horizons. Networking became my lifeline as I connected with high-net-worth individuals, studying their mindsets and strategies for growth. By adopting their success mantras and honing my own approach, I cultivated multiple sources of income. I relentlessly pursued my goals, undeterred by setbacks, and built a reputation as a serial entrepreneur.


Throughout this journey, I've learned invaluable lessons. The most crucial takeaway is that entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. It requires unwavering persistence and determination. Temptations and distractions will undoubtedly emerge, but staying focused on your goals is paramount. Mistakes became stepping stones for growth, and I remain grateful for the lessons they imparted.


I'm proud to have made my parents proud and achieved financial freedom. Currently managing three businesses, including joint partnerships and sole proprietorship, I have set foot in both, Influencer industry and Hospitality Industry with all my 3 ventures. My team and I have headlined major events in Mumbai, leaving a lasting impact.


I encourage others to chase their dreams, embrace challenges, and create their own success stories, all while fostering meaningful connections and spreading prosperity along the way.



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