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Bhawika Gaur | The Entrepreneurs of India Selfmade Magazine November 2022

Bhawika always wanted to be in leadership roles and taking her own decisions and do something different from others. After completing her graduation she worked with many companies to realize she is not made to work under someone. And also through this experience, she realized that most companies are working just to increase their monthly income and revenue model rather than focusing on what their clients want.

This experience taught me a lot and made me think about working for people more efficiently. Then, she left Dubai in 2018 and came back to India to work on my venture - The fitness brand Tapah by Bhawika, a premium yoga, pilates, and barre studio.

Firstly, the biggest challenge she faced was to educate people to build up questioning power about the fitness program and trainers. And secondly, to find well-educated trainers, not the ones like now, people training from YouTube with no knowledge of human anatomy. Thirdly, it is very difficult to make people understand the importance of health.

Throughout her entrepreneurial journey, she learned that it is not just about profits. One should never enter into this world for mere want of profits from starting. Also, it is a field of co-existence, having a good valuable team which could lead to profitable growth.

As my family was supportive of my decision to have a venture. I never wanted my parents to help me financially with my business but they helped a lot to get the bank loan for my startup.

She believes that the best part of being an entrepreneur is to work from scratch without any background or any help from monetary help from family and help many people every day.

Tapah is a gym for You Mine Mind which is a premium Yoga, Pilat, es, and Barre boutique, launched in Kanpur on the sixth of October 2019. And then In March 2021, Tapah launched its premium snacking options which included a wide range of health munchies and munchies ranging from mixed berries, breakfast mixes, seed mixes, dark chocolate coated nuts and berries, and energy bars.

Also, delivering pan India via Flipkart and Amazon. Till now Tapah has touched more than 10000 lives across the globe with our fitness regimes. Along with that, we have a live online portal providing services like yoga, Pilates, prenatal fitness, yoga for hormonal imbalances, integrated approach of yoga therapy, meditation, barre, strength, and Zumba training across the globe along with our physical training center in Kanpur.

Mainly we focus on the client's health, as no two bodies are the same. And provide a safe space for people which could have a good effect on the body as well as mental health. Message to other emerging Entrepreneurs is to “Entrepreneurship is about giving society what they need or want, until the time the demand for your original product/service increases. And do reinvest and see how much your the business will grow, rather than

thinking about your personal growth but also taking everythingtogether”.


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