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Bhavika Bagri | The Entrepreneurs of India Youngpreneur Magazine August 2022

Hailing from a business family, Bhavika Bagri was always inclined to start her own business. Watching her father work day-in and day-out, flourishing and growing his business inspired her to start a business of her own one day. She felt that having a business of one’s own brings monopoly over several major decisions, it also brings with itself several opportunities to make mistakes and learn from them and grow both professionally and personally. Bhavika knew, being an entrepreneur and starting her own business was what was in cards for her, it suited her personality as an independent woman who was not afraid of change and who was happy to try things differently.

Bhavika’s entrepreneurial venture, “Food Library” aims to create timeless recipes, while discovering new and innovative recipes and mastering them. They bring the best of Indian and International cuisines to their customers with the assurance that the food is prepared in hygienic environments and delivered while following safety guidelines. “Food Library” believes that food is enjoyed best when it is cooked with passion and love and not just ingredients. Creating new food recipes is a type of art, but running a kitchen is a business.

However, running a business comes with its fair share of challenges, it is not as easy and simple as it looks. From inventory to delivery, the business is fraught with many issues and uncertainties. Finding a reliable delivery vendor requires a lot of patience and multiple attempts before choosing one. Bhavika also had to face her personal set of problems. “The most challenging part of my journey was to manage my family, especially starting off with a new-born son, as I didn’t want to compromise of my time with him”, says Bhavika. She earned to strike a healthy balance between her personal and professional life. She realized that neither area had to suffer in order for the other to succeed.

Many businesses were severely, and negatively affected by Covid-19, but for Food Library, it was a boon. “As the demand for high quality, fresh, home-cooked food increased I saw my revenues grow exponentially during that period.” Bhavika has reached where she is today through sheer determination and hard work. She sees the same determination in the young entrepreneurs of India. “The energy, ideas, and passion that the entrepreneurs today bring to the table is truly mind-boggling”, says Bhavika.


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