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Ayush Lahoti | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine July 2023

In the world of soft furnishings, DEfy – Décor for You stands out as a leading name in creating beautiful and inspirational living environments. With a carefully curated selection of high-quality soft furnishings, a dedicated team of experts, and a commitment to exceptional customer service, DEfy aims to transform houses into homes that reflect individual style and personality. Let's dive deeper into the journey of Ayush Lahoti, the visionary entrepreneur behind DEfy, and explore the unique aspects of the soft furnishings industry.

Ayush Lahoti's entrepreneurial journey began with a strong focus on entrepreneurship, marketing, and growth strategy. After gaining valuable experience in operations and business development roles, Ayush's passion for interior design and a desire to assist people in enhancing their living environments led him to co-found DEfy – Décor for You. Armed with practical expertise and an MBA in International Business, Ayush has been driving the success of DEfy as its CEO.

Ayush embraces failure as a learning opportunity, encouraging growth and better decision-making. DEfy cultivates an empowerment culture, fostering creativity and collaboration. Ayush values his family's unwavering support and suggests families offer emotional support, guidance, and network connections to budding entrepreneurs.

When Ayush embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, resources were limited, but resourcefulness was key. He made the most of available resources, sought strategic collaborations, and leveraged technology. Networking and mentoring provided additional resources and guidance. Challenges such as fear of failure, financial management, and hiring a competent staff were overcome through changes in mindset, solid financial planning, investment exploration, and effective recruitment strategies.

DEfy – Décor for You is a soft furnishings shop dedicated to helping customers create attractive and inspirational living environments. Their wide range of high-quality soft furnishings includes curtains, sofas, wallpaper, and other decorative items, carefully selected to reflect the latest home décor trends. The expert team of designers and stylists assists customers in finding the perfect soft furnishings that align with their personal style and budget. DEfy is committed to delivering exceptional products, outstanding customer service, and a delightful shopping experience.

The soft furnishings industry blends functionality and aesthetics, enabling personalization of homes to reflect individual preferences. With evolving designs and trends, it enhances ambiance and transforms living spaces into havens of beauty and comfort.

Ayush's advice to all is to fearlessly pursue hobbies and aspirations. Taking measured risks, having self-belief, and stepping outside one's comfort zone can lead to remarkable achievements. Embrace failure as an opportunity to learn, surround yourself with a supportive network, and maintain endurance, effort, and an optimistic attitude.

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