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Archana Wautre | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

Archana Wautre is a graduate and has over 12 years of experience in accounting. Her husband has vast retail experience and has worked with major national brands in the apparel category.

After the birth of her daughter Janvhi, they started looking for alternatives to diapers, as diapers are expensive and bad for the environment. The solution lies in the wisdom of our earlier generation. Their research led them to the understanding that for a tropical country like us, the diaper is the wrong product, though it’s marketed very well. We see diapers as a complicated solution for a simple problem. Langot, also known as cloth nappy is a breathable, economic, and environment friendly alternative

Being a mother, she says "A nappy helps in saving money, keeps the baby rash-free, the environment clean, helps in potty training, and makes a mother feed the baby enough times."

Her experience has taught her that Gut feeling is better than loads of analysis. Simple thoughts with collective actions give results. "One needs to invest in the right set of people and have faith in their abilities." The valuable insight that she gives us is not to focus on only profits but to Sell the solution, and not just the product.

They received lots of support from their family. They have a family business, which they took to another level with the addition of technology. They believe having helping hands is more important than just suggestions.

But since it was a road less travelled, it came along with several challenges.

Major challenges faced by them was factory location change, demonetization, GST Implementation, raw material damage due to rains etc. They took these issues as stumbling block to success.

Lastly, she conveys to the world that; "Don’t wait for right time, start working on your idea, and you can learn on the job."