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Anushree Sanganeria | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine June 2022

"Dream big, and keep in mind that the crazier your idea, the more successful your business will be because you will work extra hard to make that idea a reality,” says Anushree Sanganeria, who is an honest, queenly, and up-to-date woman.

She set out to get the show on the road when she was a brand consultant with PR in a marketing firm and later strived to set up her own venture in marketing called “Dream Out Loud." Anushree was married when she sought to set up her business.

She founded her company, "Nuske Care," with the help of her family and had a capital of 50,000 rupees.

Her father gave her a loan, compelling her to be dedicated, earn capital gains, and repay the money to him while her brother and husband guided her.

Her grandparents and parents-in-law would regularly ask her about how her business was doing, while her grandmother would visit her in excitement and see the bulk orders go through.

She would always sing praises in Anushree’s honor before everyone, boosting her confidence. Her mother-in-law also assisted her in naming her best-selling product, which is "Badami Ubtan." She is privileged enough to have her family have her back.

“I always wanted to explore and do something with age-old remedies as I had always used handmade infused oils, packs, scrubs, and ubtans all my life. I started posting a few nuskas for hair and skin on our Instagram page in July 2020 and got an amazing response,” quotes Anushree.

Her mother passed on the nuskas to her over the years, and so she was determined enough to do something about it.

Her company, Dream Out Loud, would help uplift other brands in the fashion and lifestyle industry. So, continuing with that, she gained experience and set out to start her own brand called “ The Pure Nest.”

Her brand, The Pure Nest by Nuske Care, aims to fill the space between someone desiring to cherish their hair and skin and being too lazy to make them in the kitchen. Pure Nest gives customers natural homemade items that are additive-free, preservative-free.

Famous organic firms are expensive, comprise preservatives, chemicals, artificial perfumes, and are factory manufactured, whereas Pure Nest brings you genuinely organic products containing ingredients like basil leaves, hibiscus flowers, pulses, and vegetables like ginger, onion, etc., that are naturally grown, some of which are even used from her garden, and the rest comes directly from organic farms and are used in the product.

She believes sometimes thinking inside the box gets you greater things, as happened to her, and she became a successful entrepreneur.

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