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Anushree Parasrampuria | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine September 2023

Anushree Parasrampuria is the co-founder of Beyond Boundaries Foreign Language, an entrepreneur, and a French language teacher. Her entrepreneurial odyssey had roots planted long before she stepped into the world of business. Her mother and founder of Beyond Boundaries Foreign Language Academy Mrs. Shilpa Parasrampuria initiated the journey by offering personal tutoring services in 2006. Anushree witnessed her mother's exceptional teaching abilities and recognized her own potential as a teacher. After pursuing a degree in Finance and working in Risk Management for 3 years, She decided to follow her true calling – teaching languages. In 2019, she embarked on her entrepreneurial venture, Beyond Boundaries Foreign Language Academy, and has never looked back since. "Today, whatever I am, it is because of a vision my mother saw for me," Anushree reflects on her inspirational beginnings.

For Anushree, her key insights would be to build a strong, aligned team, trust your instincts while seeking mentorship, take calculated risks, especially pursuing your passions, and emphasize the value of your unique experience and understanding of your business, team, and audience.

She firmly believes that innovation is at the heart of her business. As a teacher, innovation, and improvisation are key components of her teaching methodology. She acknowledges that innovations can foster collaborations and build networks, leading to mutual growth for businesses.

Her Family’s belief in her and their moral, emotional, and financial support have been instrumental in her success. She emphasizes that families can motivate budding entrepreneurs to become the business leaders of tomorrow.

Anushree acknowledges that resources are often built gradually as the business evolves. Adapting to changing circumstances, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, required creating new online ecosystems to ensure business continuity. Challenges, too, have been a part of her journey. Transitioning from finance to teaching, gaining the trust of students and parents, and setting fair pricing structures were hurdles she overcame with determination and clear communication.

Her Venture, Beyond Boundaries Foreign Language Academy offers a comprehensive range of language-related services, including individual and group sessions, exam preparatory courses, language conversation workshops, translation and interpretation services, corporate training, and customized sessions for travelers. It's a one-stop solution for language enthusiasts.

"Sometimes, all we need is the starting point, and the rest becomes history. Be ambitious, set your goals, and take small steps every day to lead to a brighter tomorrow." Says Anushree. Today, Beyond Boundaries Foreign Language Academy stands as a shining example of how innovative ideas, coupled with hard work, can transcend boundaries and lead to remarkable success.

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