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Ankit Sinha | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Ankit Sinha is a renowned film choreographer and the owner of 'Freestyle Entertainment Works.' His journey in the world of entertainment started as a local dancer, and he quickly gained popularity by winning several shows. Ankit's big break came when he was selected as a child artist in the famous Indian reality show 'Boogie-Woogie.' This opportunity opened doors for Ankit, and he went on to train under the guidance of India's oldest choreographer, Miss Saroj Khan. Ankit's passion for filmmaking led him to complete his graduation in the same field. With his hard work and dedication, he debuted as a film choreographer and established his own company, 'Freestyle Entertainment Works.'

In a recent interview, Ankit shared his views on the importance of working hard and struggling to gain experience. He suggests that one should work as an intern until they feel ready to take ownership. He also emphasizes the need to be versatile and explore different domains to become more independent in one's career. Ankit believes that good work is the best marketing strategy. If your work is good, your clients and audience will become your marketing people. He also acknowledges the impact of social media in marketing his talent and company.

Ankit's family has been his biggest support throughout his journey, especially his mother, who inspired him to become a dancer. He believes that emotional support and acceptance are crucial for the younger generation to pursue unconventional careers. Ankit's success story teaches us the importance of building relationships and contacts and being versatile in our approach. He also emphasizes the need to diversify our sources of income during times of recession. In conclusion, Ankit's journey is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and perseverance. He urges everyone to be accepting of their mistakes and to learn from them. Ankit's mantra of not limiting one's imagination and helping others through one's knowledge and resources is an inspiration to many.

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