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Anita Saha | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine December 2022

Anita competed for the title of Miss England World to become a better version of herself. The sight of women like Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, and Lara Dutta never failed to take her by awe and inspiration. She admired their grit, charm and intelligence and wished to work for something of a similar stature. She describes the feeling of winning Miss Manchester as ‘exhilarating’ and feels proud to have represented the vibrant city of Manchester on a reputed stage.

Growing up as a shy personality, dealing with bullies was not a cakewalk for Saha. “I was neither confident nor could I see myself pursuing a modeling career. It was only during the pandemic that I grew an interest for it and gathered the courage to give it a shot.

Saha comes from a humble family where no member has worked in a field that is not associated with academics. Formerly, they were not supportive of the bold decision made by her. They were apprehensive about it for her own safety however, time healed all doubts. Through the help of her talent and achievements, Anita proved she was worthy of their blessings and faith.

Anita’s journey began with many hindrances and rejections. Having lost both her parents and faced other obstacles, she became a master of rising above grievances and practicing the virtue of gratitude. She believes she still has a long way to go as far as several aspects are concerned. She worked extremely hard on all things that needed more work, it improved her holistically. Her poised ramp walk, engaging communication skills, and sharp character are all results of years of hard work and perseverance. Every day in the morning, she wakes up being thankful to the universe for everything she has instead of weeping for everything she lost.

In the future, Saha hopes to give pageants a chance and represent our country on an international platform. She is currently studying masters to become a research scientist parallel to pursuing modeling and is keen to take up other opportunities that come her way.

Working hard has been the elixir that has let Anita keep it all together with a smile on her face. Turning down something you worked hard for is a real bummer but unfortunately, she had to do it. After getting straight As in academics, offers from medical college flooded her inbox but due to financial constraints she had to leave that behind. For her courage and attitude, she has been awarded by Telegraph.

She believes that one needs to dream big to achieve big. And notably says that dreams are never too big no matter how big the hardships may seem. We have normalized judging the chances of a dream coming true by judging the problems that one might face in the process. But we forget that the work, and dedication we put into that dream is what actually affects the chances.

It is evident that all people successful have overcome fears, come across discouraging people, and crossed the deadly pool of self-doubt but in the end what kept them going on was the spirit to do something impactful, something indelible. They did not fail to observe that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. The choice to climb that dark tunnel is ours. Those who are afraid of the dark cannot enjoy the light.

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