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Amey Sonar| Quality is the best business plan...

It was never my plan to start this business. It happened when my partner (Ms Simran Kadri) and I saw a problem and we thought to find a solution to it. We started this enterprise while we were young students. I was pursuing Mechanical engineering from Mumbai University and Simran was studying Bachelor of Commerce from HR College of Commerce, Mumbai. I believe running a business was just a part of my personality and my love for automobiles led to the birth of an innovative solution named Polyvault Shelters.

Our startup is one of the fastest-growing startups in the Indian Automobile protection segment. It has dominated the market in the domain for over 5 years. Our products help users to protect their vehicles from external damages caused by environmental and non-environmental factors in the parking. On taking market insights, we realized that although the conventional method of parking vehicles had a lot of inconveniences, the rigid mentality of our demography was not conducive to accepting the product shift. So, we took on the challenge of providing the sector with a very easy and durable solution to park their vehicles. Our business grew with time and the products were accepted in the market.

Today, Polyvault Shelters is a renowned name in the Automobile industry. Several celebrities such as actors Rohit Roy, Varun Badola etc and Youtube Vloggers Mumbiker Nikhil, Karan Sehgal and Zeeshan Lakha are among the few who are using and vouching for the brand. Many celebrities support our brand for its uniqueness and durability.

Users riding motorcycles falling in the categories of Jawa, KTM and Royal Enfield are greatly benefiting from our newly launched products. There’s a surge in buyers who are using the shelters for this segment and we believe that capturing this market will be the next leg of our race.

Products are available online on our website and multiple dealerships all over the country.

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