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Agasthya Shah | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine March 2023

Agasthya Shah, a young content creator from India, has made a name for himself in the world of social media. At just 13 years old, Agasthya was inspired by the life of a fictional character in a Bollywood movie to pursue his dream of becoming a content creator. Today, he is living that dream and inspiring others to do the same. Agasthya's journey has been full of challenges, but he has overcome them with a positive mindset and a never-give-up attitude. He believes that the only way to lose in any journey is to give up or stop, and that one must keep going until something clicks. This philosophy has served him well, as he has built a successful business through his entertaining and comedic videos.

One of the most important tools in Agasthya's business is marketing. He believes that positioning himself as a personal brand and associating with the right people and brands is key to building his visibility and marketing power. He understands that working with brands and endorsements is a key financial wheel that helps draw in money and grow his audience.

Despite the success he has achieved, Agasthya has faced his fair share of challenges along the way. In particular, he has dealt with bullying and judgment from peers who did not understand his passion for content creation. However, he developed a thick skin early on, understanding that the hate and negativity was coming from a place of insecurity. This experience has made him stronger and more resilient. Agasthya's family has also played a crucial role in his success.

They have been a source of unwavering support and encouragement, providing him with the self-belief he needed to pursue his vision and dream. What sets Agasthya apart is his genuine desire to entertain and make people smile. His motto is to ask himself each day, "How can I make the most people smile today?" This approach has helped him build an audience and a personal brand that people love and trust. Agasthya's story is a testament to the power of social media and the limitless opportunities it presents. He started with just a phone and a keyboard, and has built a multi-million dollar business from it. His success serves as an inspiration to anyone who wants to pursue their dreams and follow their passion. In the end, Agasthya's message is clear: life is too short to worry about what other people think. On your deathbed, you will only regret not following your dreams and not caring what anyone said. So, follow your dream today and never give up.

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