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Adrija Choudhury | The Entrepreneurs of India Womenpreneur Magazine July 2022

Mystic arts, occult, spirituality, tarot readings, etc have always generated curiosity among people. They often end up associating these with something negative or evil. When Adrija Choudhury told her parents that she wanted to become a tarot reader and healer, they were skeptical too, but Adrija was keen. After learning how to perform tarot readings online, during the months she was stuck at home during the pandemic, she made the best decision of her life. She started by giving free readings for a month and then later started charging nominal fees. By then her customer base had boomed, and the response she received was beyond anything she’d ever imagined. People who took her readings started promoting her services to their friends and family, anywhere in India or abroad. As of April 2022 she has over 12,000 followers and more than 4000 clients, across 80 countries

Adrija’s entrepreneurial venture, Hekate Guidance, is a platform that helps people become their true selves by helping them overcome negative patterns, and escaping empath-narcissistic paradigms. Her business aims to remind people how it feels to believe in themselves, to have hope without constant fears keeping them stressed.

Fortune favors the brave. Don’t give up on your dreams, no matter how distant they feel. Take your time to get there”, says Adrija. In life, she says it becomes easier to listen to that inner critic, and become comfortable with wherever you are right now or whatever you’re doing even if you

don’t feel emotionally satisfied or happy.

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