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Aditya Gaurav | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2022

How does a child grow up without his father? Aditya Gaurav here answered this question, S-U-C-C-S-S-F-U-L-L-Y. Born to an upper-middle-class family, his father left him when he was nearly three. Aditya had an inborn passion for electronics and computers. “I was so into electronics that at 1st standard I created a drill machine.” Little did everyone know that someday this child prodigy is going to achieve unimaginable heights.

He had faced many instances where people offered him lucrative working deals.

“They tried to hire me by projecting their bigger dreams onto me. But in reality, they only cared about them and my career.” Aditya advises us to stay from people who can’t keep their words, or people with selfish aims. Aditya believes that gaining more knowledge about a particular field will help us to grow beyond the present limits. “If somebody is working in a field that interests him, he’ll grow exponentially”, tells him. He further added that if a person doesn’t have much knowledge about the field he is working, he won’t be able to achieve newer heights in his career.

Aditya was fortunate to receive his family’s support. His family helped him in researching, and funding his projects, and made tens of thousands of funds as and when required. “They somehow managed to fund me.

Even if they didn’t have money at that moment, they would arrange it from somewhere”, says him. He thinks that if you don’t understand what your child is doing, research and get an idea. “My mother never took advice from neighbours or relatives, because she knew people who did something in my field didn’t exist in our family or neighbourhood before.”

For him, the lack of resources included short of funds and at times his family struggled to provide him with funds for his projects that a lot of money.

“Even I used my cousin’s laptop and my mom’s phone to continue working and researching.” The major challenge he faced was creating his own game and initiating the Start-up. “I had to face many challenges like learning about it, finding examples, finding the technology, and so on.”

His first own Game start-up Cognac won 5th rank in the whole Asia Continent. “Similarly, building a social networking web platform- knowasiak was also a major challenge for me.” He became the first person in India to get the Bharat Atma Nirbhar Award at the age of 17. He believes that age is just a number. “It doesn't matter at what age you’re, if you have the will and guts to do something, then do it right away, people will come to follow you. Never listen to your competitors or enemies”, tells him. 2021.02.28 - Won 3.5 lacs from COEP India for his startup Cognac at age of 17.

2022.03.16 - Won the "Most Inspiring Social Network CEO of 2022" Title for working on my social networking startup, Knowasiak.

2022.4.21 - His game Cognac got nominated for the GDWC 2022 World Championship held in Finland. & he became India's first person to develop such a game. He even met Chief Minister & many Officers in his work.

He thinks that a person should focus on his work, without thinking much about the outcome. What is bound to happen will happen. “I believe we should work in our present to strive for betterment in the future.”


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Jun 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

One of a kind


Dilip Shegokar
Dilip Shegokar
Jun 14, 2022

Gaurav Charecter is geneous and hard work to adopt with any skill. This is motivational Speech. for every young man

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