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A Moral drive that lead to a startup by Srikanth Prasanan.

Srikanth Prasanan: "I was born in Kerala and went to Bengaluru to complete my graduation and post-graduation. After completing this I returned to my home to help my father in the family business of construction. I used to look after the marketing aspect of the business. While at it, I realized that Kerala has been infested with all sorts of diseases caused by mosquitoes,

and that too for many years. This is what made me research more about the solutions to this problem. While researching I got to know that since the past 15 years there have only been four major players in the market for this. The entire nation relies on these four companies for their mosquito-repellent needs and they have not been innovative about it. I saw this as an excellent opportunity to venture into. The competition was less and there was almost no innovation coming into the picture soon. I found that to start with such a business a Central Government-approved license is required. I flew down to Delhi in 2008 to acquire this license and was able to do so in 4 years. We also had an RnD team set up in Delhi which was working on the perfect chemical contents to be used for our product. Eventually, the composition we came up with was approved by WHO as well and we were good to go. The USP of our product is that it is completely harmless and acts as a room freshener-cum-mosquito repellent.

You can reach us here:

Today we have our products being sold in 14 states across India and rapidly growing. This journey has been really exciting and thrilling for me. I have learned so much about the business and also myself. Always do good to the people. If you see something that is wrong and harmful, raise your voice against it and if you can, prove it with your actions by righting the wrong.”

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