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A good education can change anyone. A good teacher can change everything...

Naaz Parveen: Since childhood, I was sure to be an entrepreneur. As my father was a businessman which inspired me to start my own business. The main reason behind the idea of starting my business is to provide superior quality education at an affordable price. As I could not complete my education, that is why I want to educate more and more children by providing better education at a lower price.

The biggest challenge I faced during the start of my business is my education. I could not complete my education as I was married at an early age. I could continue my career as an entrepreneur with the support of my husband after the marriage.

I always wanted to promote education and that is why chose this as my entrepreneur. I started a school where child-friendly methods of teaching are carried out. The main focus is to have smooth communication among teachers, parents, and students. I believe the opinion of others is very important as feedback to an entrepreneur which is a step towards progress.

Due to my less education, I had to work on myself and my personality a lot. Due to this, I used to communicate with people who possess a good educational background to understand the system of higher education. I hired qualified people so that I could have experience in my work. Along with that, I worked on my abilities to work better on my business.

During my entrepreneurial journey, there are some achievements – Completion of a personality development course, ‘Discover yourself’, Completion of an English course by the British Council, a course ‘Mind Gym’ by Anand Kasibhatla, mindfulness training by ‘Shepperd from Bombay’, Neuro Linguistic Programming Training by ‘Life Shikha ’.

My advice to other emerging Entrepreneurs is that communication and education is one the most important points for a progressive life.  Communication solves every existing problem and eases life. Whereas Education helps to understand all aspects of life to lead with principles and values.

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