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For Entrepreneurs who wants to Shine!

TEOI Business Magazine will be available Physically, as well as Digitally. 

Entrepreneurs, who got featured in TEOI Business Magazine will receive a physical magazine copy by courier.


Benefits of Getting Featured in TEOI Business Magazine


Build Credibility


People tend to purchase Services/Products from companies they trust!

Getting Featured in a Magazine helps in not just promoting you as a brand, but building credibility amongst people. 

Connect with Entrepreneurs

A Business Magazine is a Compilation of incredible business stories. ​Stories are what connect humans emotionally. ​Getting featured amongst one of India's best entrepreneurs will help you in networking and building strong and valuable connections!

Jo Dikhta hai, Vohi Bikta hai!


By Getting Featured in a Business Magazine, you're showing the world how far you have come in your life and why people should choose you over your competitors.​Getting Featured in a Magazine is a brilliant way to market yourself and your company!


Magazine to be Launched Physically and Digitally

All the Participants will receive the physical TEOI Business Magazine couriered at their doorsteps. 

And the Digital Version of TEOI Business Magazine will be available for free on our website,

Participans will also get featured on Various News Platforms!

All the Participants will get their stories featured on Google News, Daily Hunt, Medium, and The Entrepreneurs of India.Getting on the news is an excellent way to market yourself and your brand. 

TEOI Business Magazine

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