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• Special Video Story: With the help of Professionals, We create a Highly Impactful Video on your Entrepreneurial Journey using Video Clips, Pictures, Attractive Animations, Music, Texts, and Creativity, and narrated by professional voice-over Artist, Amrita Sukumar.

= Touch More Lives


• Get featured on Google News, Daily Hunt, Medium, our Website, High quality, SEO Friendly Blog, Backlinks to Business Website

= Shine on the Internet


• Article will be published within 3 days of interview

= Quick Publish


• Article will include your Entrepreneurial journey and Everything about your Brand, Service(s), Product(s), its Benefits, will be mentioned

= Proper Brand Promotion


• 1 Reel Video: One 30-sec Video on Your Entrepreneurial Journey that will include Pictures, Texts, Attractive Animations, Music, and Video clip

= Grab More Audience Attention

Elite Package

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