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Yash Arora, Supporting Business through BAJ Interiors

Yash Arora: "As a child, I always wanted to do something big. The reason behind this was my father and grandfather. My grandfather faced many ups and downs in his life, but he still succeeded and provided a comfortable lifestyle for his family. I was an average student in school. I was never interested in bookish knowledge; instead, I learned things through experimentation. I initially wanted to crack JEE, join IIT, get a degree, do an MBA abroad, and do my start-up but that plan didn't work out. I couldn't crack JEE and my 12th grades dropped and I managed to pass my 12th grade somehow. I Lost my confidence in life as IIT was my dream, Later, I joined a normal engineering college to continue my plan, but soon I realized Engineering was not like what I was expecting.

In May 2018, My Dad started BAJ Interiors, an interior design firm. I was working part-time along with my college and freelance testing job, in our interior design business, handling designs, ads, leads, and so on. I learned 3D modeling online so that I could learn about designing and get a sense of how things work. With time, I developed an interest in this industry. I conducted extensive market research and discovered a significant gap in the existing market; India's market is worth between $20 and $30 billion, and it is still 95% unorganized. I discovered that we can solve a portion of the problem.

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BAJ Interiors is a young and Dynamic interior designing company that specializes in customized & Innovative interiors. We are working toward a common objective of being the industry leader in the interior landscape by providing end-to-end home interior solutions. Till now we have designed and executed more than 52,000 sqft area and we aim to design dream homes and experiences that are as lovely as our customers have imagined.

In December 2020, I decided to leave engineering to pursue a full-time entrepreneurial career and began working on our brand. I learned how to pitch and Influence customers. I made a lot of stupid mistakes in the beginning, and I still make them now and then, but it was the best way to learn.

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