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Virajitha Chigullapally | The Entrepreneurs of India Magazine May 2023

Virajitha Chigullapally's love for cakes has taken her on an incredible journey from a computer science graduate with promising job offers to a successful home baker and entrepreneur. Her passion for baking led her to experiment with unconventional ingredients and create mouthwatering treats that have garnered a loyal following. With determination, resilience, and unwavering support from her loved ones, Virajitha has overcome challenges and turned her dream into a thriving business. This article delves into her inspiring story, the delightful products she offers, and the valuable lessons she has learned along the way.

Virajitha's fascination with cakes began early in life, with her father's thoughtful gesture of bringing her pastries on his way home. One day, she discovered that cakes could be made from biscuits, which sparked her curiosity and prompted her to embark on a journey of culinary experimentation. Her first creation, the Rasmalai Cake, became an instant hit and remains her best-selling item to this day. Encouraged by the positive response from friends and family, Virajitha started sharing pictures of her delectable cakes on Instagram, attracting attention, inquiries, and orders. It was then that she realized her true calling as a home baker, and there was no turning back.

Virajitha's entrepreneurial journey has had ups and downs, with setbacks serving as valuable learning experiences. Her unwavering determination and love for her work have driven her forward. Meticulous planning, preparation, and contingency measures help mitigate issues. Although perfection is the goal, Virajitha embraces the inevitability of mistakes and prioritizes transparency and open communication with customers during unforeseen circumstances.

Throughout her journey, she has taken on multiple roles, managing every aspect of her business single-handedly. From sourcing materials and baking to photography, customer interactions, and even delivery, she has been the driving force behind her success. However, her experiences in organizing events and collaborations have highlighted the significance of being a good leader. Accepting responsibility and leading by example have become fundamental to her entrepreneurial endeavors.

Her passion for baking initially faced resistance due to societal expectations and the pursuit of a more conventional career. However, circumstances changed during the lockdown when she became the sole breadwinner for her family while her father was hospitalized. Her ability to support her household financially, combined with her unwavering passion, convinced her parents to embrace her chosen path. They have been her steadfast pillars of support, even working through the night to fulfill large orders. Virajitha also acknowledges the invaluable assistance provided by her friends, who have been there to help her set up stalls, lend a hand during overwhelming moments, and even assist with deliveries.

With a small OTG oven, Virajitha's resourcefulness and perseverance allowed her to gradually invest in professional-grade equipment like the Morphy Richards 60rcss oven. Her journey involved trial and error, countless experiments, and failures that shaped her skill set. Through workshops and honing her techniques, she mastered the art of dessert making, turning failures into triumphs.

Virajitha's business revolves around creating customized and personalized desserts that cater to individual preferences. Her extensive repertoire includes cakes, macarons, chocolates, brownies, donuts, and cookies, all of which are crafted without eggs, even her famous macarons. Her offerings have reached customers across Mumbai, stretching from Palghar to Churchgate and from Dombivali to Navi Mumbai. Notably, her delightful creations have also made their way to international destinations like Dubai and Bahrain, reflecting the widespread appreciation for her talent.

What sets her cakes apart is the notion that they are more than just desserts. Each cake carries a unique story, reflecting her personal journey and the experiences of her customers. Virajitha aims to convey her narrative through her creations, allowing people to connect with her passion and love for baking on a deeper level. Her dedication to infusing meaning and emotion into her cakes sets her apart in the industry.

Her entrepreneurial journey serves as a testament to the power of perseverance and following one's passion. She encourages others never to give up on their dreams and to prioritize self-satisfaction and happiness in their chosen pursuits. Her story exemplifies the belief that true fulfillment comes from aligning one's career with personal passions, no matter how unconventional they may seem. With a vision to establish her dream studio and become recognized as a renowned pastry chef, Virajitha is determined to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

Virajita believes in not giving up on one's passion and doing what one loves. She understands that self-satisfaction and happiness are what truly matter in the end. Virajita believes that if she is not happy with what she does, she will be unhappy throughout. She always follows what her heart says and does not give up, regardless of how unconventional her path may be.

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