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Vartika Wadhwa, a graphic designer turned tarot Reader.

Vartika Wadhwa: “I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur because I could never work for someone else. Even though I wasn’t sure what I would do, I was sure it would be something of my own, and that’s how I built my first brand. In class 11th, I started making clay products; rings, magnets, and bookmarks. But it was all for the little amount that we needed during school. When I dropped out of college in 2019, I had a thirst to prove myself. That’s when I joined a graphic designing course and started designing stickers when I saw that there weren’t enough pages on Instagram selling them. I started my page and realized I had begun my journey of entrepreneurship. I was busy hustling to even realize that just at the age of 20 I had people looking up to me for motivation. I started my business with an investment of ₹10 and soon turned it into a 4-figure profit.

Starting your first business has a lot of ups and downs and it didn’t take me long to face my first failure which I proudly considered as a part of my growth. My first business introduced me to spirituality and once I got to know about how energy works and delved into the world of tarot reading, there was no going back. People often confuse the Tarot with future prediction but it is a tool for future guidance and helps you make decisions when you are at a crossroads. I provide tarot services along with manifestation techniques, it benefits a lot of people in a lot of different ways. Some find peace, some find faith, others find it easier as to which career path to opt for. Just as each individual is different, so are the benefits of my services.

I’m a graphic designer turned entrepreneur turned tarot reader, and spirituality is where I find peace. It is where I grow and help others grow alongside helping people manifest their desires. To connect with me for my Tarot services, you can contact me through my page: @_escapable.

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